Huntsville First Assembly of God



 Pastor Tankersley has been an Assembly of God Minister for nearly 40 years throughout the southeast.  God led him to become the Pastor of Huntsville First Assembly in May 2000.  He is compelled by his great love for God and His church.  Our pastor's deep love and committed life have compelled him to pursue the Word of God with great passion.  You will find him to be a dynamic expositor who boldly, yet humbly proclaims truth to all who hear him--He loves souls!

With a heart of faithfulness, Pastor Tankersley tirelessly ministers to those at First Assembly and others in the Huntsville community.  His hope and heart are given to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Tankersley is a channel for the ministry of the Holy Spirit and has been and is mightily used through preaching, teaching, counselling, and praying for others.


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